Monday, March 12, 2012

I think I'll invest in some sunblock

Today was awesome! We're working right down the street from the hospital.. what a sight. We're going to be working all week on a house where a married couple live with their granddaughter. When we got there this morning, we couldn't believe how much help these people needed. We raked, moved a ton of scrap metal, wood and trash, finding papers and pictures all over the ground that were important parts of these people's lives. Very hard to know that these items were lost in the tornado. After a long day of scraping paint, sanding, and running across the street to use the bathroom in the liquor store (nicest people there, and also it's a drive through liquor store?! So cool), we got our sunburned selves back to the house to shower and eat before we go BOWLING tonight. Hope I've improved since the last time. Maybe another Sonic's run again tonight? I think we could go for some tots and slushies again :)

Loving Joplin!

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  1. Sonic!!! So what do you do with the pictures--do they get put in another pile for the family to look through, or are they all waterlogged and gross?