Monday, March 12, 2012

Hi Sunbun Nice to Meet you

After an emotional and rainy day yesterday today was and uplifting and great day!  We starting working on a house on Harlem Street.  It was fantastic the group really bonded more and enjoyed the sunny weather.  Everyone here is great the liquor store across let us use there bathroom.  Everyone here in Joplin is so appreciative and it just makes me feel all warm in fuzzy in side (as cheesy as that sounds).  It is such a great feeling to give and such a different experience compared to last year.  Mostly because the destruction is so new and fresh.  Seeing the high school really hit home with me simply because the high school I attended is being rebuilt because it leaked and had a lot of issues but never did a storm completely destroy any part of my school.  The people here in Joplin are such a strong group of people with such a strong seance of community.  It's great being here in Joplin and meeting all these people and hearing there stories!!!

Blog again soon,
Tracy Wright

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