Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday- the day of accomplishment & an amazing Howard tour!

Today was a day that made me extremely proud of our entire Alternative Spring Break team; we got things accomplished in a timely manner.  This included: scrapping paint, sanding, weeding, and oh so very much more.  I am so happy that I got to meet Rhonda, the homeowner of the house we are working on!  While talking with her I got a little insight into her life and was truly touched.  I found out how much her and her husband like going out into the yard and looking at flowers while they enjoy their time together.  Unfortunately, due to the tornado that hit a couple of months ago there has been debris and destruction that has been left in the way, ruining their view of their beautiful landscape.  This immediately made me want to fix this saddening story.  A group of girls and I thought about how we wanted their place of relaxation to return.  That day I asked Rhonda if she would mind if we created a garden for her and she was thrilled and excited about the idea.  We staked out an area and began planning our idea of a lovely looking garden right in front of the porch where Rhonda and her husband can sit and admire it in the mornings while they enjoy their coffee.  The girls and I picked out a bunch of perennial flowers that will brighten up the front yard!
After a long work day the entire group got an old fashion, good time, tour of Joplin, MO in the path the tornado took from Howard.  Seeing all of the destruction made me realize how truly powerful supporting others can be.  Just to be able to see all the progress that has been made in less than a year is amazingly inspiring.  The people of Joplin are so kind and genuinely thankful; it makes me want to volunteer for even longer than we are here for.  Due to this factor, I  know that it is going to be extremely hard to leave!
Krista :)
Fundraising Trip Leader  


  1. What a great group of kids. Thank you so much from Jpolin!! I'm glad I work at the liquor store across the street. And got to visit u all.

  2. Oops! That was suppose to say: thanks so much from JOPLIN!!! Lol.