Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Time will tell

It has been about three days since my last blog, sounds like im doing my confession… lol. There has been quite amount of action since my last post. It has been quite interesting, we as a group have been working very well together I have been very impressed by the amount of diligence in my fellow asb-ers. Living with 26 people in very tight quarters has been pretty successful, minus the pluming issues we have had… you know who you are! We finally started working on a site. It was along the path of the tornado and miraculously this house survived while other around it were destroyed. The house which was also in disrepair before the storm needed a ton of work.

The first day was pretty cool if I don’t say so myself. The group worked real well together. We managed to put in a couple hours of work in the back yard and we could instantly see the difference. Metal in the metal pile, trash in the trash pile, and wood in the wood pile, slowly but surely there was a sense of pride. Pride in the sense that in just a couple hours of hard work could have a great impact on a hurting family. In the past couple days that has almost been the best experience that has struck me the most. I am learning quite a bit from my fellow brothers and sisters on this trip. The city of Joplin is very resilient and it is clearly seen by everything that has occurred over the past year and how everyone in the town is awesome.


Ps. small reminders during this couple of days
1)      I lost in a fry eating competition but had a great time with Alexandra, Tim, Rachel, Linnea
2)      I lost in bowling to Mary by 1 point
3)      I could have won both games ;)
4)      Kendra almost destroyed me thanks to a fan and her big toe

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