Monday, March 12, 2012

Personality Test

Personality test

Today was our first full day in Joplin, full of fun adventures and activities, as in two delays and the first experience in Dallas’ very huge airport. Once we finally arrived in Joplin we immediately felt the gratitude from its citizens. We were thanked for coming here and we were given a very generous donation for our dinner from a “man in the red jacket.” It also has been very great to get to bond more with my fellow asb –ers. I can see the great leadership we have and how great and flexible most of us are.

We also went to see the path of destruction left by the tornado. Even though it has been almost 365 days since it happened there is still a ton of destruction. Enough devastation that we could not let poor little Joplin see. As we drove through the devastation I was thinking how the city had been destroyed but there was still a ton of life and hope for the future. Houses were being built surrounded by destruction. We did drive by some of the houses that we made on a TV show for the family that we lavish and creative but those were not the houses that stuck out to me. I really enjoyed the houses that reflected the personality of what I think Joplin is; the brand new, yet simply elegant, house next to the 1940 Ford F150. A part of the city had been destroyed but yet the personality of the people is still present. No matter the devastation the people of Joplin experience they will persevere.

I am very glad I have made the commitment to the trip.


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