Friday, March 9, 2012


I cannot believe that we leave TOMORROW for Joplin! I just finished packing for the trip and really hope I didn't forget anything- I've been packing and repacking for a week because I am so excited. Right now I am a mix of emotions; beyond excited, nervous, (a little scared for the plane ride) but mostly anxious. Now that it is so close to being here I just want to hop on the plane and leave! Last night I barely slept so I can only imagine what tonight will bring. 

I am excited to be going to a new place, with new people who want to devote their spring break to helping others. I am ready for a week full of hard work, dedication and an amazing life changing experience. I truly have no idea what the next week will bring; all I know is that I am ready for this once in a lifetime opportunity. 

Carolyn Holland  

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  1. Hi Carolyn, I shared your blog site with my classroom today, they were excited to read everybody's entries. So proud of you and your friends; can't wait to hear more about your stay in Joplin! Love Mom