Thursday, March 22, 2012

Back to the Daily Grind

Okay, so time to blog. I have never been good at putting my feelings down in writing (sorry for my horrible motivational mailboxes BTW) which is why I had avoided doing it for so long. That and I had a pile of work waiting for me on my return to school.
ASB was pretty much the best thing I have ever done. That is a heavy statement but it is totally true. I almost backed out before we went on the trip because I have never been the most social person and barely knew anyone who was going on the trip. That really freaked me out. But I knew that I would just sit around all spring break playing Skyrim if I didn't go so I stayed in. I am so glad I did. Everyone on ASB was friendly, and sharing a bathroom with 26 other people really makes you connect with them. So did all the group bonding that we did on the trip. Normally group bonding is the worst experience of any program that I have been a part of before but somehow for this trip it was actually enjoyable, so congratulations to whoever came up with those.
My favorite part of ASB was spending time with wonderful people and working to get something done. We made that house look gorgeous. I also really enjoyed the car rides. For me that seemed like the time that we got the most bonding in. Rocking out to the same songs over and over and over will do that to you I suppose. I also really enjoyed the ice cream truck coming by. It was a very little part of the whole trip but it just reinforces how perfect everything was. For being so nervous at the beginning and dreading being totally socially awkward for a whole week, it was a fantastic break. Everyone we met was so nice, the people at the liquor store letting us use their bathroom, Howie and Scott, even the people at Pizza Hut. Truly the experience of a lifetime.
Now, being back at school is not as relaxing as I thought it would be. I find it so hard to focus on my school work when all I want to go is work on a house. I have never been one to enjoy school anyhow which makes this even worse. My anthropology paper on cannibalism will not make anyone's day better. Hopefully this weekend will re-energize me and get me back on track, school work wise, and I will just have to look forward to all the volunteer opportunities that come my way.

Laura Hardy

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