Monday, March 25, 2013

Brandon Martinez

*This blog was originally written on the trip* 

Today our project was really interesting and definitely one where everyone can see the potential impacts that the work will have on the ecosystem. We gathered oyster shells and put them in this metal netting material. The bags of oysters will be used to create a natural shoreline to prevent beach erosion. This project will also help the oyster population grow and gives them new homes. Unfortunately I was unable to do any of the work on this project because of my seafood allergy but it was incredible to see the group work so hard and get so much done in a little amount of time. The project manager, Marty Jones, was very appreciative of our work and I think everyone could see how much us being there meant to him.

The next adventure we had today was going into Louisiana! We went there to visit a site that ASB worked on two years ago when they were building houses in neighborhoods destroyed by hurricane Katrina. Wen we got to the houses some of our group members who had been in Louisiana got to see the houses that they started become complete. This was an emotional moment for me because it was really great to see that our most experienced members see their project finish and they gave someone a place to build memories and live a normal life that we take for granted. I'm very proud that I know these older members and I'm grateful that they're here to guide me through this trip and hopefully in the rest of my time here at FSU.

After the tears and emotions we went to New Orleans! It was a spur of the moment trip our leaders had decided to take which made it even more exciting to go. As we drove into New Orleans, Molly had pointed out that at one point this whole city was under water and to look at how they've rebuilt and restored normalcy. When we got into the city there was a buzz in the air and a lot of energy. Shops were open, people were walking around with friends and family, and there were even street performers. Everything about New Orleans was lively which is incredible because eight years ago they were completely destroyed. 

I'm so happy that we were able to have this day in ASB and everyone was excited not only for ourselves but for the people who have worked so hard to make their community stronger. 

- Brandon 2016

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