Monday, March 18, 2013

Day 1: 3/16

*We have limited internet access this week so the blogs may be delayed in posting* 

We made it! I cannot explain my excitement that this day has finally arrived and also a pang of sadness that time is going by so quickly. I want this trip to last and last.

But for now let’s focus on right now! We arrived at Community Collaborations International around 2:00 PM. After a long day of traveling we were so excited to finally be meeting this organization that we have planned with for months. The location and weather have been beautiful and even though the living conditions are cozy, it is all a part of the ASB experience!

We spent our first night in Biloxi with a trip to Walmart (an ASB tradition) and a Sonic trip. It was hard to believe that this was day one, especially by the laughing, hugging, and overall loving the group was doing. How is it that 30 individuals can meld so nicely together from the start?

I laughed and laughed today. I cannot say enough about how much I truly enjoy being around this group of individuals. Some are here because they have done service in the past; others are here because they are just beginning the journey to service but together they are coming together to dedicate themselves towards making a difference. Their passion and dedication to the cause is remarkable and unstoppable. The workweek has not even begun and I already know that what this group will accomplish will be nothing but amazing. I am so proud of them all already.

Here is to a successful first taste of the workweek tomorrow!
:) Molly Goguen 

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