Sunday, March 24, 2013

Kevin Long

*Blog originally written during the trip* 

I think it has finally hit me that I will no longer be on Alternative Spring Break anymore once I land in Boston. It’s a sad reality, but for me it’s just the beginning of a new beginning for myself.

I learned a lot on ASB and the people we helped, but most of all I learned about myself. It was in Biloxi, Mississippi I decided to attend graduate school once I leave FSU. I met twenty-nine amazing people, many whom changed my life. I worked, and I worked hard. I took very few showers (much to my chagrin). I challenged myself to think outside of the box and not be so judgmental and give people more of a chance. I was certainly met with some difficulties, but I learned to view each difficult situation as a challenge or an obstacle, rather than something detrimental to my success.

ASB has taught me to roll with the punches and view situations through a different looking glass. I can’t always control the circumstances that surround me, but I can control my attitude. I’m such a “gold” in the sense that the unfamiliar and unorganized truly scare and agitate me, but I am trying to become more of an “orange” in the sense of embracing more spontaneity and becoming more flexible with sudden changes in life.

Through the lessons I learned about myself, I will continue to grow as a person. I love to inflict positive changes upon others, especially upon those who expect so little and need help the most. They’re the ones who deserve to feel important, valued and cherished. I look forward to helping people with small things that could turn into big things, and everything in between. Because of ASB, helping people has become a primary target in my future. I knew I always had it in me, but ASB brought out my key qualities that prove I am capable of doing far more than I usually give myself credit for. I can’t wait to change the world, regardless of how large of a stamp I place on it.

-Kevin Long, Class of 2014 

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