Friday, March 15, 2013

It's Here!

I can't believe it's the 11th hour before Alternative Spring Break. I'm feeling a strange mixture between excitement and sadness, because I don't want this experience to end! Planning this trip with Molly, Carolyn, and Angel since June has filled me with so much joy and sense of purpose. ASB has changed my life completely- it's made me rethink what is truly important in my life, and has made me reconsider my direction. ASB is a truly special event with the ability to change so many lives. It's done that for me, and, this year, I want to help give that experience to the 24 beautiful people on this trip. That's what Kendra and Molly told me last year, on the final day of the trip when I was thinking about applying to be a trip leader, if I became a trip leader myself. Now that the trip is upon us, I understand exactly what they mean. I want to see Mississippi, and I want to see a change that makes life more worthwhile for the people who live with the effects of the BP Oil Spill, but I'm especially excited to see the change in perspective and motivation of these 24 wonderful people when they realize that they, yes they, are capable of incredible change.

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