Sunday, March 24, 2013

Carly Granville

*Blog originally written during the trip* 

I honestly do not know where to begin. This trip has definitely been one of the best weeks of my life.  We all gathered at Molly Buckely’s house for a sleepover celebration. We were so eager to get down to Biloxi and start our adventure. What I did not know was that it would be the most emotional trip that I have ever partaken on.
            Because this was my first ASB experience, I had no idea what to expect. My friends that have been on this trip told me that it would be a week that I would never forget and I was ready to enjoy every minute of it.
            When we left the Biloxi airport, the sun was shining and we could not have asked for a better day- I feel like it was a sign that something great was going to occur. Right away the ASBers were so positive and ready to start the week (we even started to say our own ASBisms).
            Once Monday came, we already had created this incredible bond. This bond was that we all connected with each other and already felt the love from each and every person. Each person is amazing in their own way and I have been honored to get to know them on a one on one basis throughout this whole week. I know that everyone will agree with me when I say that we are one big happy family that will always stay together, no matter what!
            With the family already in place, I had the chance to work on three different sites. On Monday we worked at the Katrina Sculpture Garden.  While there we met with Kim and Martha. These two women are incredible and gave me a good lesson on how we can make a difference. While cleaning, Martha and Kim explained to us why these gardens were in place and why they were so important. There have never been gardens before Katrina hit- and it was Martha and Kim’s mission to change that. They believed that “beauty goes beyond the beaches”, and that really struck me because these people needed something positive after loosing everything. When Martha talked about how the people reacted so positively to one sunflower being grown, I cried because with everything else that was going on during the time, the fact that life was literally sprouting out of the ground gave them the spirit they needed to move forward. The people are so happy and welcoming to having us here made me feel like I belonged here and did not want to leave- and that was the first day. I want to be Martha and make this difference whether it is small or big (all of it matters in the end). It would be an honor to put aside my time and give it to someone other than myself. I cannot wait to come back and see what this looks like. The best part was that they were both so passionate about what they were doing that it physically made me want to start my path towards helping others.  
            On the second day we worked on a pastors house. I worked on clean up and did some demoing as well. What I remember most from that day was Wes. He moved from Pennsylvania with his wife and was here during Katrina. Although they did not loose as much, Wes felt empowered to help. At the end of the day, both him and Mike told us that we were the generation and that we should be thanked. Hearing Wes say that took it home for me because it was the moment when I realized I have the power to make change. He was an inspiration and I hope that we make his generation proud. Others should take this to heart because it is important that we, as the new generation, take control and make our mark!
            Day three we were reunited as a group and bagged oysters. This day was a day I will never forget because the thing that struck me the most was that we actually do make an impact. Marty, the person in charge, talked to us and I could just see how passionate he was about the project through his words. The best part was that he was so thankful that we helped him because he does this all on his own!! This is crazy!!! He is so dedicated to his cause and I think that there should be more like him in the world. I personally look up to this man and know that he will do great things in his future.
            Day three was also a day that we looked back and saw something that not many people got to see. We went to a house that the now seniors helped build in St. Tammany, Louisiana. It was so emotional to see my now ASB family look back on what they built and taught me that what we did will be going towards something much bigger than ourselves. 
            Today we had our day off. We went on an air boat and saw Biloxi the alligator’s family. Then the biggest surprise of all happened-other than New Orleans- we got letters from our friends and family. Before I even got the packet, I burst into tears of pure excitement because I had no idea who wrote me. While reading the letters next to the tree, I could not help it but to cry. From my aunt to Kendra Dale (you always know what to say) to my cousin to my mom, every one of them was so inspiring and made me feel so important. I can honestly say that I have the best family in the world and I do not know what I would do without them. To see all of them proud of me meant the world and it is exactly what I needed!
            To sum it all up, I have definitely changed since the beginning of this trip. I completely get what all of my friends said when they say that this week would changed my life. I have taken every single minute and loved it for what it is! When writing my application, I wanted to challenge and push myself towards doing something I have never done before, and I have done just that. I can be somewhat quiet sometimes, and I think that I have come out of my shell. Everyone appreciates me for who I am and I love them for that. I have grown as a person and have made 30 incredible friends for I know I will stay in touch with forever. We all will have Biloxi in our hearts and I cannot wait to come back.
            Almost done, I promise! I just wanted to thank Angel, Emily, Loretta for being on this trip and allowing me to get the chance to know them. You guys are incredible and I cannot wait to continue our friendships.
            In addition, I want to thank the trip leaders: Tori- you are truly a beautiful soul that deserves only the best in life. Your smile is infectious and I will forgive you for taking my coffee coolatta. Carolyn- I absolutely adore you! You are the sweetest person who has the best personality in the world.  Lastly I want to thank Molly- where do I begin? You have been my role model since the start of foundations and I do not know what I would do without you in my life. You have shown me how to be a better person and I could never thank you enough. Thank you for giving me this chance to experience what you call “the life changing moment” for myself. You are one of my closest friends and you will always have a place in my heart. I hope to be like all of you ladies J

Love Carly, Class of 2014 

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  1. Carly, what an inspiring post. I am so glad you took so much away from ASB!