Monday, March 25, 2013

This Journey

Day 5
*delayed post that did not upload from my phone on the trip

  Every moment during this trip has been truly amazing. I couldn't of asked for such an incredible 29 other people to be around. We have done so much so far and I can't wait for the final 2 days ahead. Today we went to help our friend Marty bag oyster shells to help him restore the shoreline on deer island. In only a couple of short hours all the bags were filled. A total of about 1200 bags were done in the last two days. If it wasn't for us helping and the previous group the day before it would of taken Marty months upon months to bag that many. It felt awesome to be able to help him and see how appreciative he was for us. It just proves to show that something like filling bags of oyster shells can really impact and make a huge difference.
 Not to mention after helping Marty the group traveled to Louisiana. It was a surprise for the group but shortly we arrived at the site where the seniors had helped volunteer only a couple of years ago. The glow in their faces as they saw the house they worked on was so beautiful.  Molly,Nick, and Stephen are incredible individuals and harder workers. They are true role models for ASB and the trip wouldn't of been the same without their passion. Seeing the houses made me feel so much more passionate for service and hopefully I am lucky enough to spend my next three years trying to help communities in need.

   Martha so beautifully spoke yesterday saying, " now this park is a part of you and you can come back and see what you did. So you can come back and see where you stood and say I was a part of this. Even though the ramifications of the BP oil spill are not known yet it has been interesting to learn how much Katrina has been a part of the Biloxi culture. Martha created the Katrina garden to allow a spot for people to turn to to cry or share other emotions during a disaster because the plants will always come back to life. Martha was a true inspiration to me being a former teacher and mow finding her passion in gardens and teacher others about gardens now. She has so much hope, intelligence and strength I hope I can be half as good as Martha is someday. Seeing these motivational and strong people along the journey and hearing stories is truly inspiring. It also puts into perspective how fortunate and grateful we are for the things in our life that many times are not appreciated enough. Every project that has been done so far solidifies the reason why we are here and why Biloxi needs our help.
I look forward once I get home to doing even more service than I have done before. This trip has truly been life-changing and unbelievable. I cannot imagine spending the break any other way or with any other 29 friends. I know this is just the beginning for me for service and I cannot wait to continually help in the future in whatever ways possible. Can't wait to see what's ahead for the next two days. I don't want ASB 2013 to ever end and Biloxi needs us!

Kristen Corbett(2016)

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  1. Kristen, I am so glad to hear a passion for service has been ignited! What a great reflection.