Thursday, March 14, 2013

Three days…and by the time I push submit on this blog post it will probably be two days.

As I sit here and blog away there are about a million other things that I could be doing but there is something about this week that makes me want to just slow down. I want to slow down and enjoy the quickly approaching trip. I want to slow down and think about just how life changing Alternative Spring Break has been for me. I want to slow down and enjoy every second that leads up to this trip because for me it will be my final trip with FSU and hopefully the beginning of a lifelong career with service.

I saw Carolyn and Tori today and there was this vibe between us that I just cannot explain. We were giddy, nervous, emotional, and not at all eager to leave each other’s sides. All of our work since this summer has led up to this week. In addition to life changing experiences, Alternative Spring Break has given me some of my very best friends. I cannot wait to see these girls shine next week.

Speaking of shining…there are 27 individuals who have taken up all of my heart this week. What are they feeling? What are they expecting? I want this experience to be everything they want and more. I want them to feel empowered, like they can change the world (except little do they know they already have changed the world). There is something so special about this ASB 2013 group (and I am not just saying that). There is a connection between participants that is strong and genuine, something that I could have only dreamed of having (and we haven’t even been on the trip yet!). I want to soak up every moment we all spend together as we have the opportunity to give back because a group like this can never be repeated. It will be an experience we can always share, a bond that can always link us.  

I wish there was a way for me to describe what the Alternative Spring Break program has meant to me throughout my college experience. I have tried over and over again to describe it but it is simply indescribable. It is something I feel, something that drives me everyday. It makes me smile as a walk to class, it makes me appreciate what I have when my day isn’t going as planned, it makes me think that as one person maybe I can truly do something worthwhile with this life I get to live. It is an experience that I will take with me wherever I go.

Now if only my paper for class was as easy to write as this blog entry J

ASB on the brain…
J Molly Goguen
Operations and Education Trip Leader  

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